First Demo of World Wide Graph (w2g) 

Thu, 11 Jun 2020 22:38:25 GMT

Today, I did a Demo video of World Wide Graph (w2g). We talked about Notion by Ivan Zhao et al and we talked about Roam Research by Conor White-Sullivan et al.

We discussed Wikidata and freebase and their history. 

We talked about one of my favorite Essays by Vannevar Bush called As We May Think which inspired Douglas Engelbart, Bret Victor, Alan Kay, Ted Nelson and many other visionaries.

We talked about Google's knowledge graph and described how we may create our own open source, potentially decentralized public knowledge graph which the public can use to create rich notetaking applications and Tools For Thought

The source code for can be found here:

Tags: Conor White-Sullivan, Essays, Notion, Tools For Thought, World Wide Graph (w2g), freebase, Ted Nelson, Roam Research, source code, Douglas Engelbart,, Demo, Ivan Zhao, Wikidata, As We May Think, Bret Victor, Google, knowledge graph, Alan Kay, Vannevar Bush