If I get hit by a self-driving car...

...please read this web page

Inspired by Eric S Raymond and Aaron Swartz's pieces on `continuity`.

It's regretable that Aaron Swartz's essay, "If I get hit by a truck..." self actualized. Life has a funny way about it and some situations don't turn out as we would like, but we'd be wise to remember Louis Pasteur's words, that "fortune favors the prepared mind". I would feel remiss -- not that I invite an early end -- if I didn't too take the time plan for the inevitable time after my living. Such a question is not one of if, but when.

As this is written in early 2017, I have no reason to doubt that I will be active on the Internet and maintaining my Web pages for another fifty years. On the other hand, I could be hit by a self-driving car tomorrow.

I designate Drew Winget, «scipioaffricanus@gmail+NOSPAM.com» to be my virtual executor. Drew has the authority to coordinate whatever actions are needed to dispatch my projects into safe hands. Drew, most of my projects (and their domains + states) are described here. Ask my father for the password to my gmail account. This password should also work for my personal computer. Within my google drive, you'll find encrypted gpg keys. My father should have a password to decrypt them. Good luck.

I hope I made some respectable progress on my life goals, and I hope I showed everyone I care about the love and respect they deserve.

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