2020-03-28 Journal

Sun, 29 Mar 2020 06:49:39 GMT

2020-03-28 Journal I just wrote my first official Post using World Wide Graph (w2g) -- Sarah Winsberg and Sahar Massachi and COVID-19!

Fun with the Wayback Machine:
Today I had fun re-discovering my old embarrassing Personal Websites via the wayback machine:

I also Worked on World Wide Graph (w2g) and added a ton of new features, like the ability to write posts. I now essentially have a Facebook clone and my own personal knowledge graph which I can Tag.

Thanks to Taylor Rogalski for giving me feedback on my early prototype of this feature. A Post is an entity, just like anything in graph.global. However, there's a separate database table where (ostensibly) additional content may be stored and associated with an entity. So a Post may be thought of as an alternative representation (or an augmentation) of an entity. The actual way it works is an entity is created first, and then the Post is created after -- the entity.id is passed as a foreign key to the post (so they remain linked and back-linkable).

The new w2g Post system introduces a Related Posts feature such that any new published Post automatically enumerates and lists the referenced tags, but the Post will also show all references to other Related Posts which mention the same entity tags. I arbitrarily chose pink as the Post color, similar to green text. The feature also show other Related Posts which mention this Post by its entity identifier, i.e. back-references.

I was excited to Demo this feature to Ariel Liu and Bobi Rakova yesterday and today at Serapeum.

Suprises by Jessy Exum:
Last night Jessy Exum randomly met Robert M Ochshorn (rmo) who was strolling around the dogpatch casually looking for apartments, possibly to rent. Small world!

Iris Xu's Digital Birthday:
Yesterday was Iris Xu's birthday! Ariel Liu threw a zoom call and Iris Xu + Alex Huras and also Daisy Chu joined. We sang Happy Birthday (song) and then Iris Xu blew out the make-believe candles which Ariel Liu digitally drew on a beautifully drawn digital velvet cake[1]. Here's a video of Ariel Liu's velvet cake drawing for Iris Xu's birthday[2]!

[2] https://www.facebook.com/hello.ariel/videos/10163520542460650

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