Want to meaningfully contribute to one of these projects?


  1. I currently maintain Open Library, the world's largest online, open-source, non-profit digital public library w/ 3M+ books. Become a contributor!
  2. Like Pandora for books, a community and technology-powered data processor for revealing a book's unique characteristics
  3. We produce made-to-order peanut butter and use proceeds to feed SF's needy. Buy a jar (or 2)!
  4. (video) aims to become a distributed global semantic database of unique entities (people, places, things) accessible by the entire World Wide Web. #memex We're open source!
  5. A community-powered encyclopedia which teaches educational concepts by connecting bite-sized youtube video explanations. We're open source & non-profit!
  6. Archive Labs an autonomous, volunteer-run community (of 170) which incubate open-access and public good projects. Request an invite!
  7. (pre-alpha) A wiki of composable, modular, axiomatic recipes for comprehensively creating fundamental technologies from scratch.


  1. & Upscale spin-up an elastic team of AI software scientists
  2. (defunct) is the free, milestone driven, multi-project manager for ambitious people.
  3. Open Journal Foundation unites institutions in universalizing public access to open journals & academic papers. Join working group!
  4. WhyLoop Recursive explanations down to axioms.
  5. Imperatives Make the world objectively better for everyone. Act on the most urgent imperatives.
  6. (alpha) is a free, light-weight, frictionless, rolling todo list with slack-like commands
  7. (concept) Publish your directed path of academic readings to get to a conclusion
  8. is a zoomable taxonomy of thousands of math topics. Read the long term goal
  9. Listen to's collection of 135,000 live concerts, hundreds of albums and thousands of artists for free.
  10. Baybo An all-in-one online platform for selling digital goods


  1. Stomp #foot-keyboard #usb #microcontroller
  2. Experimental Browser #browser
  3. Historia (Provenance) #chrome-extension
  4. Enpy (English to Python Parser) #python #english #parser
  5. Dungeons #MUD