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Use the links below to learn more about how you can plugin and help. To learn more about this page, see my Rules for Projects. is a wiki-powered universal book catalog and a library with more than 4M books to read and borrow

See: volunteer page and this menu of opportunities (2020-10-21)

  1. Revamp Full-Text-Search (FTS) page for DONE!
  2. Python code to add book to Open Library by ISBN DONE!
  3. Write a bot (add modern books to Open Library) DONE!
  4. TOC Search engine DONE!
  5. Make sure everything in IA printdisabled is in OL DONE! is a community-powered encyclopedia which teaches educational concepts by connecting bite-sized youtube video explanations.

  1. Dockerizing Skillsera so anyone can work on it

  1. Make interface usable on mobile
  2. Docker provisioning: Make Setup/Installation Painless
  3. JS Client Library for w2g
  4. Killer Note-taking App Demo
  5. Add Auth + Sessions
  6. Add support for users (auth, sessions, users table)

Universalizing access to open academic publications, together

  1. Presentable website

  1. Port from to github
  2. Convert to use framework
  3. Write essay with me about the goals of

Inactive Projects

IIIF Service

This project is not seeking help at this time

Audiobook Reader

This project has been completed by Drini Cami

  1. Get Audiobook Reader to Borrowable Books (via IA s3 key auth) DONE!

  1. Extend PRAGMA playback to support javascript selections DONE!

This project is not seeking help at this time

  1. Connect with w2g (

This project is not seeking help at this time