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Swiftly falling flakes of snowy
crystalline, call-upon me slowly,
to wake from this deep, warm, sleep; how pure, it feels, how sweet, secure...
to face instead the bitter cold which I alone must now endure;
Building, piling, like an unplowed snow mound, long unattended;
are the chills of reality, which I'd left suspended.
My heavy heart thawing, no sooner defrosted, than tossed back on ice and left thoroughly exhausted...
Yet, to each of winter's wicked blows I cry:
let fly, another billion spears of frigid snow!
For I'd rather love and try and fail... fail and try and fail and try... than let these feelings go.

Tender Things

When the mind wants for calm but
the silence sings
It's the heavy crown whose diamonds drown the greedy King
A dim light, shined just so bright,
that one's eye-sight stings
The will, neither for company, nor the comfort solitude brings 
A cut against grain renders tender things
When a lonely cold would be consoled with a warm hug
but instead the regret of a freezing sweat clings
The jingle of freedom rings, as the prison gate swings... 
closed, juxtaposed to the guard who grins at the ringing phone he clings, they too trapped by these tender things.
And who answers the call but an angel with clipped wings
limp from arms in bloody slings; whose seams seem weaved of broken dreams;
hope, a rope fashioned from fragile heartstrings.


       C   (0,0)(0,1) G     C
The trees leaves are green ... 

(2,3) (2,2) (2,0) F    (4,2)  (0,0)  G         C
bliss-fly            soa--    king  up-- the sun

  Dm      E       Am  G full-F
Shimm'ring with  excstacy
   Dm      G (2,0) (2,2)      C
Swaying   with--     the     wind

   F     G       C        Am
A shadow cast across the street
  Dm     G             full-F    G       C
Shade the people as they go    bout their day

C I occupy an empty room
CMaj7 Observe it all-- from the  3rd floor--
C7 window of my catacomb

A church bell ques the hour by
Ddim/G#                                  (Am7)  A  
I'm ocean blue, I'm a desert, with no tears to cry


high-F       G     C -> Am
Sweet juxtapo-sition

high-F    G     C
Fire against the rain

low-F     E7        Am  G  F   Dm     G      C7
Each   day  brings happiness, every day brings pain

high-F    G     C -> Am
Sweet juxtaposition

high-F    G     C
the loss which follows gain?

low-F     E7        Am   G     F?   Dm     G      C
Each day-prom-is-es something new, every day's the same


Regret is this rotten slab of wood,before my hands how tall you stood.
How delightful, your cedar smell, even as your timber fell.

Your roots, we leave behind, dismembered, that happier days may be remembered

I must deny you a final boon, to live-on by helping others bloom,
No sooner felled than been exhumed, to soon compliment a well lit room.

We'll treat you imperfections soon.

With a sandy belt your knots, unsightly, blasted. How many rings have your years, painstakingly crafted?
Your clunky curves and flaws, made perfect by my saw.
Your rhytidome, unsightly, stripped; a fresh coat of colored poison drips.
And worry not, should your new skin crack or chip, I'll restore you to your former glory, drip by drip.
How lovely you'll look soon after, freshly manicured, brushed and stroked with tender care and love. Love for your painted form we see...
Don't feel trapped, my cedar tree. Look at my hands, the same paint covers me. The true tragedy, that we may be seen, as we were born to be?


the rights of we who spring to act /
on outcomes past decided /
were ours only a breath ago /
but for priorities misguided
for long we'd spake resistance /
but thought far from its inflection /
this issue in the distance /
in need of no protection
our words, noble, live now but to die /
as exercise for our cracked lips /
never to reach the ears of passers by
my freedoms lost I mourn them /
and given chance again /
each petition I would sign /
if only in my mind

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